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Aerospace | Free Full-Text | Identification Strategy Design with the Solution of Wavelet Singular Spectral Entropy Algorithm for the Aerodynamic System Instability

In order to effectively identify the signs of instability in the aerodynamic system of an axial compressor, a wavelet singular spectral entropy algorithm incorporated within the wavelet transform, singular value decomposition and information entropy is proposed to describe the distribution complexity of the spatial modalities in the flow field. This kind of identification design can accurately distinguish the boundary between the stable and unstable states of the internal flow field from the view of a dynamic system. On the basis of the information entropy algorithm, the wavelet singular spectral entropy algorithm is designed to integrate with the advantages of wavelet transform analysis on the time-frequency localization and singular value decomposition for signal processing and data mining together. So that the quantitative analysis of the definition of rebuilding a system image can be achieved by the solution of wavelet singular spectral entropy. This method can automatically extract the transient information of the space mode in the time-frequency domain. It effectively avoids the shortcoming that the feature extraction on spatial information cannot be accomplished from multiple angles with the single information entropy algorithm. In the data processing of instability signals under different speeds, the wavelet singular spectral entropy algorithm shows a greater advantage in the early warning for compressor stall. The result shows that the value of the wavelet singular spectral shows an obvious mutation when the aerodynamic system approaches the instability boundary. According to the threshold set, the identification hybrid algorithm can detect the stall precursor about 23~96 r in advance. Compared to the single information entropy algorithm, the hybrid wavelet singular spectral entropy algorithm is able to shift to an earlier precursor identification by about 11~82 r. This established hybrid identification algorithm accounts for the nonlinearity of the aerodynamic system, providing a new perspective for the nonlinear system instability identification.

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