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Kuwait rebrands offshore platform in disputed waters

by Jeremy Binnie

A still from a video clip released on 21 September 2021 shows personnel on the Bubiyan Fanar platform saluting as the Kuwaiti defence minister flies by in a helicopter. (Kuwait Army General Staff Headquarters)

Kuwait appears to have formally opened an offshore platform that has provoked Iraqi complaints.

A video released by the US Navy’s 5th Fleet on 8 June said its commander, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a maritime traffic co-ordination centre during a recent visit to Kuwait. “The centre serves as an offshore navigation facility for regional maritime traffic,” it said.

A model of an offshore platform with the name Babiyan Fanar on its helipad was displayed during the ceremony.

The actual Babiyan Fanar platform was seen in a video clip released in September 2021 by the Kuwaiti military, which said it was operated by the Kuwait Naval Force.

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